Computer and information technology and systems



Department of Computer and Information Technology and Systems trains specialists of IT industry, developers of software and Web-based applications, managers software projects.

Speciality: 122 "Computer Science and Information Technology"

Field of knowledge - 12. Information Technology

Initial positions:

  1. Engineer in the design, development and maintenance of software systems, databases and knowledge bases;
  2. Engineer in the design, development and maintenance of web-applications;
  3. System Analyst (Project Manager, Software Systems Analyst);
  4. Specialist in information security;
  5. Researcher (information and computing, software, mathematical modeling and simulation of complex systems);
  6. System administrator (system administrator, task administrator, database administrator, access administrator);
  7. Specialist in computer graphics.

 Qualification:  «Computer Systems Analyst»

 Speacialist has right to enter the postgraduate school for PhD degree in the fields:

 010503 Mathematical and software of computers and systems.

 051306 Information technology.

 051323 Systems and means of artificial intelligence.

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